Hello, Hello…

It’s 2019… Everyone’s still blogging, right? It’s still a thing. I abandoned my previous effort in 2012 – I don’t think it was much of a conscious decision to stop posting, more a lack of time and enthusiasm and you know how it goes… But with a new site, it seems like a good time to pick it back up.

Going back through old blog posts (2009-2012), apart from being pretty cringe, it’s nice to look back at some old work, remind myself of my thought process and general attitude to design back then… It was an outlet, more for myself than potential readers, and somewhere to spew ideas.

‘Social media burnout’ is a thing, apparently. I’m sure Twitter and Instagram played a role in ditching the online diary – why spend the time mulling over a few hundred words for a blog post when you can post a pic on Insta or a 280 character Tweet for an instant fix.

But I’m thinking blogging still serves a purpose. So the plan is to share projects I’m working on, stuff that I’ve seen that inspires me, and probably some random stuff too. Let’s see how it goes.